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Art of Floristry 101

Origins of Flowers and the Industry

In this article, we look into the history of the art of floristry. We talk about how it became a booming industry today. Then, we explain you the roles florists play in their communities. This will help you understand their influence on both customers and gift recipients. As florists, we dedicate our hard work to help you express yourself. We help you find the perfect bouquet for all occasions. Whether it's a birthday, romantic date, company events, or funerals - you got it!

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A Brief History on Floristry

In the mid-19th century, floristry came about in the Netherlands. It began with selling floral arrangements to provide decorations. Later, it included wholesale orders of bulk flowers. It also promoted supplies for the care and treatment of delicate blooms. Floral shops offered fresh flowers and bouquets, both pre- and custom-made. Floristry involves raising and caring for flowers. It also includes the process of picking and setting them into refined arrangements. Soon, this led to the business of selling them to local customers. Floristry is creating a selection of blooms and plants into a beautiful arrangement. Then, florists set them in vases, bowls, baskets, and pots. Of course, they base this all on every customer's tastes and needs. This is why most people consider it "floral design" or "floral arts". Since the late 19th century, schools have approved floristry as a formal course. Colleges opened up across Dutch islands with programs in floristry. Florist schools also turned up in Europe. They later crossed over to the U.S., creating the florist industry. Soon enough, floral shops set about making constant and fantastic developments to their practices.

As a result, floristry rose up in the market across America and around the world. To keep up, most flower shops deliver direct to the customer or their receiver. They also offer the choice of placing orders online for convenience. Today, floristry has come to be an essential part of people's lives. Indeed, flowers have become vital in the decoration and motif of various events. Many organizations have cropped up as sources of help and advice for the floral industry. Among these is the American Floral Endowment. Next is the Society of American Florists and the Flower Shop Network. They are great sources of news and current trends in the industry. They suggest different arrangements for all kinds of affairs. They also guide clients to other floral shops based on their needs.

What Does A Florist Do?

As florists, we are part of some of the most vital moments in people's lives. Because of that, our team of experts commit to providing top quality service at all times. We aim to help our customers get the most beautiful arrangement for their needs. As florists, we help people express themselves through unique bouquets and arrangements. This way, they can honor very important events and milestones in their lives. As florists, we help people:

  • Show love with elegant long-stemmed roses for Valentine's Day
  • Welcome a new baby into the world
  • Honor a mother with a lovely bouquet on Mother's Day
  • Celebrate a wedding with custom arrangements and other flowers
  • Brighten someone's stay in a hospital
  • Add the flawless touch to parties and other events
  • Remember loved ones with amazing floral tributes at their wake and funeral
  • Make any event excellent with floral arrangements matched to their motif and design

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